We provide free COVID-19 testing at our clinic. Please call 234-6161 for more information on testing and testing times.


You entrusted us with your healthcare, and as Wyoming Family Practice’s senior staff, it’s a responsibility we take seriously. Thank you for choosing us, and please let us know if we can improve your experience.

Board Members

Phyllis Sherard - Board President

Wayne Beatty - Treasurer

Canyon Hardesty - Secretary

Emily Sanders - Board Member

Amy Spieker - Board Member

Ana Acevedo - Board Member

Lynne Weidel - Board Member

Lorraine Saulino-Klein - Board Member

Tom Smoll - Ex-Officio Board Member


Thomas Smoll, JD - Chief Executive Officer

Jonnie Jenkins - Chief Financial Officer

Tracey Haas, DO, MPH - Chief Medical Officer

TBD - Chief Operations Officer

Brian Veauthier, MD - Program Director - Casper

Beth Robitaille, MD - Medical Director

Stacey Yeager, MHA - Casper Clinic Director